Visualize Yourself and Start Showing UP with Menowave

Just because you’ve entered menopause, doesn’t mean that you’re quality of life needs to change. Get menopause support from our professional Care Providers today.

Integrated Care for Women in Menopause and Beyond

Menowave is an online integrated care model that supports women in midlife and beyond.

We know that women in menopause overwhelmingly want to be more active during this life stage. We provide an important opportunity for a reset and to reframe what you feel you’ve lost while emerging renewed to enjoy essential good health and wellbeing. Yesterday was heavy, so put it down.

Have you taken the Menopause Assessment?

The first step in connecting you with your care provider.

We examine every aspect of women’s lives to fully understand their experiences of menopause and uncover these barriers throughout midlife and menopause.

Women in midlife feel largely ignored, invisible and irrelevant. Sustaining activity levels for women of this age has such life-changing benefits in relation to happiness, mental wellbeing and physical health, now and into later life.