Our Menopaloozza Retreats

Getaways with the support you need

Ladies, The Menowave Menopaloozza Getaways are a transformative experience. Amidst the beauty of the open spaces and picturesque locations, women come together for a girlfriend getaway like no other.

Through workshops focused on developing their own personal menopause roadmap, participants not only gain valuable insights into their midlife health and wellness but also forge lifelong friendships.

Experience a Menopalooza Getaway with your girlfriends by your side, for in the company of strong women, you’ll chart a course to inspiration, wisdom, and boundless empowerment.

Gwen Harris – Co-Founder of Menowave

Laughter and fun are woven into every aspect of these seminars, creating a warm and supportive atmosphere where women can learn, grow, and rejuvenate, all while sharing joyous moments that strengthen their bonds and create memories to cherish forever.